Dolphin 3D – How to increase your Hard Drive Capacity with one easy setting.

By default, Dolphin 3D saves its own DICOM datasets to 3:1 (a lossless version of the file).  This means that files can be about 250 to 300 MB per case. 

An orthodontic office can use up Hard Drive space quite quickly so Dolphin recommends that anyone using Dolphin 3D, to increase the compression to 50:1

From the Dolphin User Manual:


Compression Level: Use this drop-down list box to select the compression level you want to use. The default compression, No Loss 3:1, allows the exact original data to be reconstructed from the compressed data. You can also choose from  Several lossy compression options. Lossy compression compresses and retrieves data that are different from the original, but these differences are not generally visible to the human eye. The recommended lossy compression is 50:1

The file size is then about 9-12 MB per case.