MME Protect

Enrolling in MME Protect gives our Security Team the tools needed to better protect your Practice.

Wrapping all of MME’s IT Security Offerings into one package to Protect Your Practice

The challenge of protecting your Practice involves many things. MME has continued to evolve our skills and offerings to rise to meeting those challenges. We have individual services for your Backups, Internet Firewall, Antivirus and Proactive Server Maintenance. MME Protect is our package that brings many of those services together in one convenient discounted offering that enables us to do what’s needed to protect your Practice.

MME Protect includes many of our existing Services as standard, plus an array of additional services to work towards meeting the many goals set out in our Security Best Practices guide (read that here). Highlights of MME Protect includes:

  • Proactive Server Maintenance (learn more)
  • Advanced Internet Firewall (learn more)
  • Acronis Backup Software (learn more)
  • Internet Backup (learn more)
  • Antivirus Software (learn more)
  • Secure Remote Access (learn more)
  • Secure WiFi Setup
  • Windows Updates and Encryption
  • Workstation Monitoring
  • Annual Security Audit
  • … and many other details.

A detailed description of the all Services provided with MME Protect can be found here.


MME Protect is offered for one simple monthly fee per Practice location. The fee varies on the number of computers at the location:

  • USD per month
  • 1-5 Computers
  • $99 setup charge
  • USD per month
  • 6-20 Computers
  • $199 setup charge
  • USD per month
  • 21+ Computers
  • $349 setup charge

Signing Up is Easy!

If you are ready for MME to Protect your Practice the next step is easy. Please give us a call at (866) 419-1102 and ask to speak with your Project Manager.