Antivirus Software

MME offers Antivirus Protection to help protect your Practice.

Antivirus software is an essential but largely unappreciated hero of the Security Defenses.

Antivirus Software is still a Foundation Block of your Security Defense

An Essential Service

Antivirus Software is still and essential part of your security defense against hackers, viruses and spyware. It stands as a sentinel on each of your computers guarding against known exploits.

Each Computer in your Practice needs to have Antivirus software. EVERY ONE of them. Not just the ones you think need it, or access the Internet from frequently. This need has been around a long time, so long people often just assume its handled.

Viruses know to spread laterally within a network now. If the virus gets in at the Reception computer, it ‘looks around’ the network to spot other computers, and will move across the network to infect them. Each computer must have its own defenses.

Not all the Same

Most modern antivirus programs do a decent job at stopping the viruses they know about. Microsoft even includes a basic antivirus in all new versions of Windows called Windows Defender.

But all antivirus programs are not the same. An essential feature we look for is a ‘management console’. We want one place to look to see how the antivirus programs are doing on your PCs. Are they all on? Are they all up to date? Have any of them spotted a virus?

An antivirus program must be Monitored. When it catches a threat, it needs to tell someone that will follow up and investigate. Spotting that Ransomware is starting on the PC but being unable to stop it and not telling anyone is a problem. A good antivirus solution will have a monitoring console with someone paying attention.

Keeping Up to Date

An antivirus program must be up to date. The application works by comparing things its sees against a list of known threats. New threats emerge daily, and so must the software update itself frequently. Most update hourly. Keeping them up to date usually means keeping them in some form of subscription. Things change fast in the Internet age.

LogMeIn Antivirus

Fortunately implementing all this is inexpensive and easy. MME deploys LogMeIn Antivirus which is powered by well-known antivirus company BitDefender. For just $19.99 per year we can remotely deploy and monitor each PC in your network. All of these PCs will then report back to a master console we monitor, and if a virus is detected our support team can reach out to you and follow up.

The Next Step is Easy!

Ready for us to get a managed antivirus solution deployed at your Practice? Please Contact Us to get the ball rolling.