Technology can be incorporated in a way that it adds to the overall appeal of your practice without being cluttered and confusing.

One ingredient that MME adds to the equation if professional installation services. Here are some examples of how we’ve integrated technology while keeping all the elements of the workspace usable and uncluttered. We evaluate all areas of the practice – even the dungeon where the server lives.

Chairside planning

The treatment area is where the real work gets done. In orthodontics practices these can be a short adjustment visit of just a few minutes while dental or oral surgery offices may have patients seated for more than an hour at a time.

When using the technology, one of the first things we ask is how you would like to interface with your computer – seated or standing. If standing, how much clearance is needed for any dental supplies and tools below an elevated keyboard and mouse? Are you interested in an multiple monitors or even the newest ultra-wide monitors? Do you have the space for a computer? Finally, a matching color scheme can improve the aesthetics.

Ultra-wide displays

The cleanest way to get double the computer desktop space is to use one of the newer Ultra-wide monitors available.

Black stacked displays

Stacking two monitors is a clean way to minimize the width of the chairside unit while still allowing for plenty of content.

Apple Hardware

Apple iMACs or MacMini computers can be incorporated cleanly chairside. With Boot Camp or Parallels, you can configure your MAC to run native Windows programs.

Laptop & Wall mounted TV

With careful planning, you can utilize your chairside station, in this case a laptop, to display additional information.

White stacked displays

When coupled with white keyboards, mice and light monitor mounts can lead to a very clean and aesthetic look.

Dual monitors – Side by Side

If you have the space, dual monitors at the chairside can make you more productive.

Operatory with Chairside display

Dual monitors in the operatory bay can be useful to show patient information.

Flexible wall mounted monitor

In an operatory bay, it can be difficult to see the screen depending on where you might be sitting.

All-in-one Chairside

All-in-one chairside stations are great ways to consolidate hardware to save space.

Open bay with compact keyboards

Eliminating the mouse can free up some additional workspace and add to clean aesthetics.

Consultation spaces

The consultation office is one of the most important spaces to plan. Depending on the desired flow , we typically arrange for one of more computers for the staff to use. The Treatment Coordinator can be using their system to collect patient histories, prepare contracts, or informed consents, etc. while the Doctor can use their dedicated computer and separate display to discuss the patient’s treatment plans or show educational videos.

Having multiple stations in a consultation office allow for efficient use of the space.

Consultation Team

Consultation rooms server many purposes. From initial patient exams, training on treatment procedures to signing contracts, there is plenty of technology to help facilitate these duties.

X-ray Hardware

X-ray and other forms of digital media collection are important aspects to all dental offices. We try to minimize the impact of computer hardware to facilitate a clean workspace while still providing efficient workflow.

By mounting the monitors and often keyboards and mice in nearby locations, you can minimize the need for having local cabinetry to house the computer. 3D Cone beam systems can be a challenge since they have substantially more computing requirements.

Cone Beam CT

CBCT and space planning requirements are key to keeping these areas clean and functional. We’ve developed strategies that work for almost all cases.

i-CAT™ FLX Station

The i-CAT™ FLX typically includes a dedicated capture/reconstruction server with a small touchscreen interface.

2D Pan/Ceph Station

Digital x-ray systems have been a staple in many orthodontic practices for many years and with careful execution, they can be installed a clean and efficient manner.

Reception area

The reception area should be an inviting space with careful considerations for patient sign-in, usability of the computers and their accessories so that staff can remain engaged with their patients without getting overwhelmed.

Whether your staff are processing credit card payments, accepting digitally signed informed consents, or handing out freshly printed appointment slips – they can feel confident that the hardware will be functional. Mounting PCs off the floor clears up the foot well space for staff to sit comfortably without risking injury.

Reception Desks

The reception staff and computers are some of the busiest stations at an office.

Custom countertops

To maximize the desk surface, it may be beneficial to cut a notch out of the upper part of the reception desk to make room.

Administrative Areas

The back office areas or financial offices should be considered similarly to the reception area. Mounted PCs and having the peripherals within reach of the staff is useful.

Dual Monitors on these stations can help with productivity making excellent use of desk space with minimal capital investment.

Financial consultations

The financial staff benefit from having large work surfaces and with the ability to share a screen with the responsible party, it can make these interactions run smoothly.

The back office

The back office area is a busy location where much of the behind the scenes work gets done.

The IT Stuff

The nerds set it up but real people have to interface with it to help troubleshoot the inevitable problems.

These areas should be clean and cool and labeled in a way that a non-techie can help sort out the details if something is not working just right.

Network switches

These important appliances connect all the devices of your network together. Keeping these updated and refreshed on a regular basis is key.

The server area

It is OK to have all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your server as long as you take care of the basket along the way.