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Being able to work effectively from home has never been more important than now during the Covid crisis.

Let us get you Securely Connected to your Office.

Working from Home

The new normal includes being able to work effectively from home. MME has several offerings for doing this safely and securely (check them out here), and one of those is to implement Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Microsoft has a good method for remote access using the tried and true Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection tool. The secure way to implement this is using Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway (RDGW), and this relies on the same SSL encryption technology used in banking and other secure Internet applications.

How Does it Work?

RDGW allow you to connect directly to one of your office PCs or Terminal Server using the free Microsoft RDP application from your home computer. You will ‘login’ to the work computer using your same username and password that is used at the office.

You are essentially ‘remote controlling’ the computer at the office. As such, all your applications and settings are available to you just as if you were sitting at the office.

All the communication between home and the office is SSL encrypted.

Does it work on Windows or Mac?

The good news is that it works on both! The Microsoft Remote Desktop Client is built into all versions of Windows, and if you are a Mac user it’s available as a free download on the Apple Store.

Do you already have a Terminal Server?

If you have a Multi-Office Practice and already utilize a Terminal Server to support your remote offices, you’re almost all set. We can setup RDGW to allow you to remotely connect to it from home, providing you with the exact same experience you’re used to when working from your satellite office.

If you don’t have a Terminal Server, don’t despair. We can still get you connected to your office PC.

How does it Compare to using LogMeIn?

When properly implemented RDGW can have some performance advantages over the LogMeIn approach. It might feel a bit more responsive, and it can better adapt to the monitors you have at home.

RDGW has a few drawbacks as well. We don’t have as fine a control over who can login to what, and currently there is no Two Factor Authentication (2FA) option.

What does it Cost?

Setting up RDGW requires us to make some modifications to your offices Internet firewall to allow the traffic through. It may also require us to install and configure the Microsoft RDGW services on your Windows File Server. RDGW is included in Windows Server, but of course your office needs to have a Windows Server 2016 or newer. If not, LogMeIn is probably your best option.

It also has an expense of a valid SSL certificate, and MME will provide that for a small fee of $99 per year. The SSL is the magic that makes the encryption work and helps keep the bad guys at bay. For the fee we’ll be keeping the certificate up to date.

How to get Started

If you are interested in setting up access with Microsoft RDGW please reach out to your MME Project Manager and we can discuss the details with you.