We are prepared and are taking reasonable safety precautions while we are at your facility.

We are taking protecting your Practice, your Patients and our Team seriously.

Unusual Times

The Covid-19 crisis has unsettled the way all of us are doing business. From working from home, to social distancing at the office, to how we interact while we are in common spaces. Our businesses have needed to adapt to the new normal, and be flexible as the situation changes.

MME has adapted its business Practices to protect our team and yours.

Providing Services

MME is still available for both onsite and remote services. Our team is still prepared to come onsite and take care of projects for you. We will discuss each situation with you and determine if we can undertake the work in the safest manner possible. If desired we can do many tasks remotely. We can pre-configure new equipment and send it to you ready to use, either reducing or eliminating the onsite visit that can be considered. We are still here and 100% able to support your Practice.

Covid Precautions when we visit your Office

Maintaining your network will occasionally require us to be onsite at your Practice. We want to do this in a manner that is acceptable to you and the protocols you have established. We will make our best efforts to work with you during office visits:

  • MME will coordinate/communicate with you prior to the visit to determine if you have any special Covid precautions we need to abide by.
  • MME will not knowingly send an employee that is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 to an office.
  • If requested, MME will wear face coverings while we are at your Practice.
  • MME will wash and/or sanitize our hands often while at your Practice.
    • We ask that you please provide the sanitizer and/or cleaning wipes to our team if available. We will not be bringing supplies with us.
    • We will NOT be wearing gloves in many situations
  • MME will endeavor to work ‘socially distanced’ from your team and patients when possible. This may not be possible at all times depending on the nature of the work.

These are goals for the visit. The nature of our work though is sometimes wide ranging and highly physical (during equipment installs). It may not be possible to meet all these goals at all times, but we will make a reasonable effort. We won’t be insulted if you follow along behind and nuke the areas we work in with sanitizer.

Covid Precautions we are taking at MME

Keeping our team healthy is a priority at MME, protecting our people, their families and your business.

Like many businesses we shifted many of our staff to work from home during the original shutdown in March 2020. Your calls to us may have had the occasional dog barking in the back ground or poorer cell phone quality audio, but our team was doing the best we could under the circumstances. As an essential business we remained fully open and staffed so that we could support your Practices own transitions and needs during this time. Ultimately we helped over 1,000 people start to work from home over a two week period and provided our LogMeIn remote support tool to help enable this.

We improved our work from home technologies as 2020 moved along, the largest improvement being that we extended our professional phone system work from our teams homes – improving sound quality on all our calls with you.

As we all get back to work in the ‘new normal’ MME has returned our team to working at the office, but we are taking precautions that currently include:

  • Our Team is vaccinated.
  • Ongoing health monitoring to identify staff that should not come to work
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing
  • Team meetings to discuss the situation as it evolves
  • Establishing an internal Covid resources website

While there is no way to make any public situation completely safe, we are taking reasonable steps where possible and continually monitoring guidelines presented by reputable authorities. The steps we take may (and likely will) change as the situation evolves. Feel free to ask any MME team member for more details.