Acronis Backup Software

MME Offers Acronis Cyber Backup as a Managed Backup Solution

You need to know your backups are working so they are ready if a crisis occurs.

Managing your Backups is Business Critical. If you can’t count on them, there isn’t much point in doing them.

Backups are Critical

Most people understand that having a backup is important to any business. If you have data, you can lose it. You need to have a backup solution in place in case a staff member deletes a file, your Server suffers a hardware failure, you have a fire/theft/flood, or worst of all are subjected to a Ransomware attack.

A backup is a combination of events. Selecting the right data to backup, storing it in the right place, encrypting it for safety, and monitoring the backups to be sure they are completing as planned.

Your Backup Software is a critical component of the solution.

The Right Tool for the Right Task

MME’s Backup strategies for a Practice involve many layers. You can’t have too many backups. Applications backup themselves, Windows Backups, Onsite Backups, Internet Backups. Learn more about our Backup Strategies here.

For each layer we select the best tool possible to implement it.

Acronis Backup Software

For over a decade MME has been an Acronis partner. Acronis is an industry leading backup solution provider. We’ve relied on its True Image software to perform the Onsite and Offsite Portable backups on literally hundreds of Practices. It has saved the day recovering Practices that have experienced Floods, Fires, Theft and Ransomware. If MME is your IT person now, we likely have Acronis software protecting your server.

Monitoring your Acronis backups has been a labor of love in the past. Older versions of Acronis keep all that information in the software configured on your Server. To check on the backups, we have to get it to send emails every day, or connect to your server to review the log files. Not all that much fun. This is part of our Proactive Server Maintenance Agreement (learn more about PSMA here).

Keeping your old versions of Acronis up to date with the new features has also taken some effort and expense. If you maintained your Acronis software under warranty each year (for a fee) you would be entitled to telephone support and all updates and patches.

Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis has now stepped up and developed a Cloud based portal for its partners like MME, Acronis Cyber Backup. In this portal we now see the current status of your backups in real-time, all the time. No more connecting to your Servers or reading 100’s of emails. It makes it easier for us to spot when a problem is happening, and resolve it more quickly. Good for the Practice.

Interested in keeping tabs on your backups as well? We can even share access to the portal with you. You can see the status of your backups, as well as receive email notifications when they complete, etc. The portal offers all the latest security features including Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

MME now offers Acronis Cyber Backup as a Managed Service Backup solution. For a simple discounted annual fee we’ll be able to install the latest Acronis software on your systems and more effectively monitor it from the Cloud portal. For the same fee you’ll always be under support and be eligible for the latest versions of the software.

Acronis Managed Service Backup Fees are:

  • Physical Windows Server or HyperVHost – $250 per year
  • Virtual Machine – $75 per year
  • Workstation– $50 per year

For example:

  • A Practice with one traditional server would cost just $250 per year.
  • If the Practice had a HyperVHost with a Sever VM and TermServer VM, the cost would be $250 + (2x$75) = $400 per year.
  • A single X-ray Windows PC would cost just $50 per year.

Upgrade Now!

Upgrading your Practices Acronis backup to the improved Acronis Managed Service is easy. Just contact your MME Project Manager today and we’ll take care of the rest.