About Us

MME Consulting, Inc. (MME) focuses specifically on technology issues in the dental arena. Our clients include general dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons and dental imaging labs. The majority of our projects are for orthodontic offices, and we have a great depth of knowledge in the specific products and technologies that they employ.

Our goal is to act as a member (or extension) of your staff, but only when needed. Our responsibility is to consider and solve all the issues regarding computers and technology in your practice, so that you are free to pursue your passions in the practice.

It’s no surprise that technology is constantly evolving and this can occasionally lead to problems for early adopters.  MME’s roots come from an engineering background (see our origin story) and we are careful to vet these new technologies before implementing them for our clients.  We often use those tools and techniques internally and develop contingency plans in case things don’t go well.

Although MME is headquartered on the West Coast, we provide all our professional services to clients throughout the US and Canada.

For those interested, here is MME’s origin story.