Network Design

For the majority of projects involving new practice construction or remodeling there are four main phases we work on: design, construction, network installation and ongoing support.

Design Phase

This is the most critical time in the process, and the best time to get us involved with the design team. Generally, the design team will be the architect, general contractor and owner (you). We like to begin by meeting independently with you and any members of your staff to discuss your existing network and your vision for your practice in the future. Out of this we try to develop a ‘Big Picture’ for where you want to go. This allows us to start developing plans for your office network and associated technologies. The big picture should not only consider the immediate impending changes, but consider possible changes foreseeable over the next three years. This meeting will generally take one to two hours and is usually followed by a network audit where we take stock of your existing equipment.

When we prepare the ‘Big Picture’ it will take tangible form in two work products: a network schematic diagram and an associated detailed equipment budget. With these items we will meet with you to explain the decisions and ramifications (usually the costs) of this plan. These documents provide us with a base design and nomenclature that we can amend as needed.

Once we have prepared the ‘Big Picture’ we should meet with the design team to work on the details of seamlessly integrating the technology into the physical workflow and infrastructure of the new practice. At this meeting we would like the office design to be at least generally laid out. It does not have to be final, and in fact should not be since the issues we discuss may require minor changes to the design. At the meeting we would like to receive a copy of any plans (drawings) that are available. We will go over the items in the big picture with the team and discuss the implementation requirements. This meeting usually takes a few hours.


During the construction of your new or remodeled practice we will work with you and your general contractor to iron out any problems and answer any technology related questions that arise. Once construction advances sufficiently we will order the components for your new network timed to arrive for the scheduled network installation.