Secure Remote Access

With Hackers continually looking for ways to breach a Practice, we have to use highly secure methods for remote access.

Working from Home is part of the New Normal. Having a great remote access solution is now essential. We have some great options.

Doing it Right

Remote access is great for you and your team, but we have to worry about keeping out the hackers at the same time. Ideally we want to use remote access solutions that are secure, encrypted and provide an audit trail to know who’s been connecting and when. MME has two different solutions we can implement for you.


You can use the same great tool we use to connect to your office PCs when you call us for support. We are partnered with the well known industry leader LogMeIn. We probably already have the LogMeIn agent installed on all your office PCs so it’s ready to go.

MME can set you up with a free LogMeIn account that has access to your PCs at the office. We can do this for any number of your staff. We can set it up so each user can only access a specific PC at the office, just the ones you want to allow.

You or your team can connect from home (or anywhere) using a Mac or Windows computer, linking directly to the computer at the office. All your apps and settings will be the same since you are just remotely controlling the PC.

The LogMeIn system keeps an audit trail of when each user connects and which computer they connect to and for how long. Remote access can be disabled for a user as easily as it was added.

Another great feature of the LogMeIn approach is that it allows for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), where you get a code texted to your phone when you attempt to login. Another great defense in keeping the hackers out.

One caveat. The PC at the office you are connecting to must be powered on. If you normally turn the PCs off at the end of the day, you won’t be able to connect to them.

Ready to start using LogMeIn? Just give our Support Team a call and we can get you going right away.

We also have a couple of helpful articles on using LogMeIn here:

Connect with MME

Microsoft has a secure and encrypted method using the tried and true Microsoft Remote Desktop tool. The secure way to implement this is using Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway (RDGW), and this relies on the same SSL encryption technology used in banking and other secure Internet applications.

RDGW allow you to connect directly to one of your office PCs or Terminal Server using the free Microsoft RDP application on your home PCs or Mac. If you already use a Terminal Server at your Practice (if you have a multi-office Practice), the experience at home will be identical.

When properly implemented RDGW can have some performance advantages over the LogMeIn approach. It might feel a bit more responsive, and it can better adapt to the monitors you have at home. RDGW has a few drawbacks as well. We don’t have as fine a control over who can login to what, and currently there is no Two Factor Authentication (2FA) option.

Learn all the details about RDGW and Connect with MME here.

If you are interested in setting up access with Microsoft RDGW please reach out to your MME Project Manager and we can discuss the details with you.