Secure Remote Access

Working remotely from outside the office is a convenience for many offices to provide emergency patient care and in the case of global health initiative, necessary to maintain a minimal level of operations.  There are two primary options that MME offers to provide access to your internal system – a secure web portal or by using an enhanced version of Microsoft Remote Desktop protocols.

Our LogMeIn Central web portal allows any user our customers designate to have access to one or more of their computer systems in the office.  From our administrative console, we can also provide an audit trail and immediately block access if necessary should there be any staffing adjustments.  You can read our blog on how to setup your Two-Factor Authentication to enhance the security even further by clicking here.

Another method for connecting into one of your systems would be to utilize Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Gateway. This is used to allow secure connections using HTTPS from computers and mobile devices outside the network. Some additional benefits it offers is secure connections via HTTPS without the use of a VPN and makes connections through firewalls without opening additional less secure ports.  We issue security certificates from a public Certificate Authority using the domain name These certificates will show the remote user as a trusted connection and allow them to connect from their PC, MAC or most mobile devices.