Proactive Server Maintenance – Lite

Even Server-less Practices have data. Whether you keep it on a workstation or a NAS, it needs to be looked after. Watching for advance tell-tales signs of developing problems, and dealing with the little issues before they become big ones, helps minimize interruptions.

Catching Small Problems Before They Become Big Ones

Our Proactive Server Maintenance program is ideal for customers interested in addressing network issues that arise before they become serious and affect the operation of the practice, acting proactively rather than responding re-actively. The program was developed based on our customers’ goals to reduce and manage the expenses of ongoing maintenance of their existing networks.

Not every Practice has a traditional full scale Windows server anymore. Many smaller offices have never had the need to invest in a full scale server, making do designating a PC to hold their data. With the advent of Cloud computing and storage, many Practices have gone server-less. But, when you look closer, even a Cloud based Practice often has a pile of local data to look after. Financial files, spreadsheets, QuickBooks data files, HR documents, policy and procedure documents, photos, etc. All these things are part of most Practices. They often end up collected together on one PC. Perhaps a reception computer. This reception PC has just been elevated to a business critical role, essentially acting as a baby server, or ‘Pseudo-Server’ as we like to call it. It has many of the responsibilities of a full sized server, but just in a scaled down way.


To look after this pseudo-server MME has developed a scaled down version of our popular Proactive Server Maintenance Agreement (PSMA). We offer PSMA-Lite at a scaled down price too. There is less work for us to do since the setup is simpler than a full traditional server. With PSMA-Lite you can still get the peace of mind that someone is trying to keep your precious data safe.

An MME technician will connect to the pseudo server that holds your data once per month and review the status of the backup system, antivirus protection, event logs, uninterruptible power system, storage systems and security updates. We will be looking for signs of developing problems while performing necessary ongoing maintenance.

Investing in this program will reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your network by minimizing unplanned interruptions of the whole practice. An MME expert will keep your server in tune so that your network, and your Practice, will continue to run smoothly.

How does it work?

Every month an MME technician will connect to your Practice’s pseudo-server over your existing high speed Internet connection. Once connected, they will inspect the system’s performance following a predefined maintenance list. Since it may be necessary to restart the pseudo-server as part of the maintenance, the timing of the work will be coordinated not to interrupt your Practice’s operations.

At the completion of the work a summary report will be sent to you via email informing you of the work performed so that you can have peace of mind knowing everything is working. If an issue is uncovered that cannot be addressed within the scope of this program (such as the UPS battery needing routine replacement), you will be contacted and informed of the issue so that a course of corrective action can be set in motion.

What are the minimum requirements?

To be able to effectively perform the responsibilities we need the following:

  • A designated contact person to coordinate the scheduled work and address unresolved issues.
  • An email address to send the monthly status report to. Email is the only format that this report will be sent.
  • The pseudo-server must be remotely accessible over a high speed internet connection.
  • We must be provided with the passwords to the Administrator accounts of the pseudo-server and firewall device.
  • The pseudo-server must be powered on for us to complete the work.

What Does it Include?

The following is a sample maintenance list of the items that will be reviewed by the technician. A maintenance list for your individual needs will be determined by your MME representative when you enroll in the program.

Backup System (if equipped)
  • Check the backup job status and review the backup completions since the last maintenance
  • Review the backup logs for any failed or incomplete backup jobs and adjust the system as necessary
  • Delete/archive any logs older than one month
  • Perform a limited test restore from currently available backup media to ensure backup integrity.
Antivirus Software
  • Check that the system is operational
  • Verify the Antivirus software is up to date with latest signatures and update if necessary
  • Check quarantine for any viruses and review their origins
  • Empty quarantine (if necessary)
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (if equipped)
  • Check functional status
  • Perform a self-test
  • Periodically initiate a calibration
Operating System
  • Apply all available Microsoft Critical Updates published via Microsoft Updates
  • Restart the system as needed
  • Review the event logs for unusual errors or issues, then clear/archive the event logs
Storage System
  • Review the status of the RAID array (if applicable)
  • Review the remaining available storage on all local drives
  • Clean any temp files that may have accumulated
  • Empty the recycle bin

How Do You Enroll in the Program?

All it takes is a simple call to your MME representative and say “Do it!” We will gather the necessary information from you (often we have everything we need already) and once your payment is received we will schedule your first service. Please Contact Us.

What does it cost?

PMSA-Lite is offered at $59 per month for a single pseudo-server. Simple!

What are the Limitations of the Program?

This program is designed as routine maintenance for your network, similar to getting the oil changed in your car every 3000 miles. We are checking under the hood and changing the oil, not rebuilding the engine. It is not all-inclusive, nor is it designed to resolve any issue that arises with the psudo-server or the network.


  • It is limited to the inspections detailed in a predetermined maintenance list
  • The service will be provided once per month on a date and time that is mutually acceptable to both parties.  MME must be allowed to perform the work within reasonable business hours of 5am to 8pm Pacific Time.
  • Although every effort will be made to discover developing issues, this is in no way a guarantee of system performance. Regular maintenance should lead to reliable operation, but many other factors can affect the performance of the server or network that are beyond our control such as environmental factors, equipment deterioration or failure and changes made by others.
  • Maintenance will only be performed remotely, this is not an onsite program.
  • No other support needs may be combined with this program. Any support needs for the practice not specifically included in this program are billed according to MMEs standard billing practices.
  • No phone support or other forms of server work are included in this program.