Technical Support

Using remote access technologies we can support all of your systems without the need to be onsite. We can see what you see right when the problem occurs, and fix it immediately.

MME typically can resolve 90% of support issues remotely, saving you time and money.

Your IP address is

Telephone Support

MME’s talented staff are available to help you with all your questions. Please contact us:

Toll Free (866) 419-1102

Office Hours

MME is open Monday to Friday, 5am – 5:30pm Pacific Time.

We are closed on all major US holidays. Emergency after hours support is available by calling and following the prompts.

Plan A – Let MME Connect direct to you!

Our remote support tool is free to you. By using it our technicians can connect directly to your PC (but only with your permission). If you are already on a call with one of our technicians, please ask for the six digit code and enter it below. Click “Start Download” to download the small applet to your PC, and then run it. Your technician will guide you through getting connected. (or you can click here if you cannot enter digits)

Plan B

If you have been asked by one of our technicians, please use the following link to install our customized LogMeIn remote access software. When asked to enter a name to describe your computer, please enter a descriptive name that includes your practice name and the computer’s role (i.e. Dr. Jones Consult Room PC).

LogMeIn Button