Peter – Technical Support Manager

Using remote access technologies we can support all of your systems without the need to be onsite. We can see what you see right when the problem occurs, and fix it immediately.

MME typically can resolve 90% of support issues remotely, saving you time and money.

Your IP address is

Telephone Support

MME’s Support Team is ready to help when you need us.

Toll Free (866) 419-1102

Business Hours

MME is open Monday to Friday, 5am – 5pm Pacific Time.

We are closed on all major US holidays. Emergency after hours support is available by calling and following the prompts.

After Hours Emergency Support

Sometimes things go wrong outside normal hours. If you have a serious after hours issue we’d rather work with you to resolve it sooner than later so it doesn’t impact your business day. We have an on-call technician available 24x7x365. Be kind if you are calling in the middle of the night, you’ll be waking them up. There is a premium for emergency support. For after hours help, please call our normal support number above and follow the automated prompts.

Remote Support – Let us get connected to you!

Seeing the issue you are experience is very helpful. We have several remote support tools that can us connected to your computer quickly. Once you are on the phone with one of our technicians, they will guide you to the best option.

On Demand Connection

Our technicians can connect directly to your PC On Demand (with your permission) using a tool called LogMeIn Rescue. If you are already on a call with one of our technicians they will provide you with a six digit code. Please enter it in the box below and click “Start Download”. Your technician will guide you through getting connected. (or you can click here if you cannot enter digits)

LogMeIn Rescue Lens

Using an app on your Android or iOS smart phone, we can ‘See’ what you see. LogMeIn Rescue Lens is a free application you download and run and when you open it we can provide you a 6 digit session code to get us connected. When connected, we can then see out your phones’s camera and talk to you at the same time. A huge time saver when you are trying to show us some problem. Download the app here:

Install LogMeIn

MME’s primary remote support tool is made by LogMeIn. It’s a small piece of software that installs on your PC or Mac and will allow us to monitor your computer and connect to it when needed. You can download the installer here. When asked to enter a name to describe your computer, please enter a descriptive name that includes your practice name and the computer’s role (i.e. Dr. Jones Consult Room PC).

LogMeIn Button

Install QuickSupport

Another option for remote support is QuickSupport made by TeamViewer. It’s a lightweight software that you can install on your PC, Mac or mobile device, which will enable us to monitor your system and establish a connection.

You can download the installer for TeamViewer QuickSupport by clicking the graphic below:

For Mobile devices, download the app here: