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Allowing LogMeIn Remote Access on your MAC

Are you one of MME’s clients? Do you have LogMeIn installed so I can remotely access your Mac to provide you with remote support? If so, LogMeIn requires you to grant it greater access to your Mac. A window notifying you of this will appear on your Mac’s screen. Please go ahead and give LogMeIn the access that it is requesting.

The window notifying you that you need to grant LogMeIn greater access should look like this:

Advice Tips

Getting started with LogMeIn

MME Consulting Inc. (MME) uses LogMeIn Central to remotely control the vast majority of customer’s servers and workstations to help streamline our support services.  We can also invite individuals to also gain remote access to their computers so they can work outside of the office.  For enhance security and patient data protection, LogMeIn does require 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all LogMeIn accounts so getting started can be challenging for newcomers.

If you are receiving this document, it’s likely that you have been invited to connect to one of these systems.  Once invited, you will receive an email from an MME Consulting, Inc. with a link to create your unique LogMeIn Account.

Advice Marketing Tips

Have some coffee on us!

If you’ve attended the AAO Annual Session over the last 15 years or we’ve been invited to one of your Study Groups, you may be familiar with “The Brain” we hand out as promotional swag.  We’ve been told that our catch phrase “Need an extra brain?” has been imprinted on more than a few doctor’s foreheads over the years – mostly as comic stress relief. 

We’ve also handed out some technology-related items like branded microfiber cloths for cleaning LCD screens, slick mouse pads or 8 GB USB keys but this year in San Diego, we wanted to change it up a bit with a thoughtful way to say thank you to our customers.

After a little research, I stumbled across Co-branded Promotional Starbucks Cards and I could not believe how easy the process was.  We did a small test run of fifteen $10 cards to see how they turned out.

Advice New Technologies Tips

An inexpensive gadget to stay on track in your Practice.

Nine minutes – This is the time that passes before a discreet silent alarm goes off on Dr. Kathleen Tavarez‘ wrist during a patient consultation. It reminds her that her allocated time of ten minutes is nearly up. She politely sums up her thoughts with her patient and exits the consultation keeping her right on track for her next patient.


Rewind about a month. While onsite to help on some technical issues, Dr. Tavarez saw my smartwatch – a basic Pebble Watch. I gave her the quick 2 minute tour and demonstrated some of the cool things it could do. Read texts and emails, monitor who’s calling and even create simple alarm timers. She tried it on and although it’s a little plain on the style side and a little bulky, she’s decided to give it a try.


Dolphin 3D – How to increase your Hard Drive Capacity with one easy setting.

By default, Dolphin 3D saves its own DICOM datasets to 3:1 (a lossless version of the file).  This means that files can be about 250 to 300 MB per case. 

An orthodontic office can use up Hard Drive space quite quickly so Dolphin recommends that anyone using Dolphin 3D, to increase the compression to 50:1