MME is here to help. Our entire team is focused on offering you a set of services to help plan and integrate technologies in your Practice.

Let us put the pieces of the Technology Puzzle together so your Practice can thrive

Network Design

A computer is merely a tool to serve a purpose within your Practice. MME has the experience to learn your Practice goals from you, and then select the right tools to serve that purpose. Learn more about our design and planning approach.

Onsite Installation

Anyone can buy a computer and plop it on a desk. MME takes pride in its skills installing systems in a clean and professional manner to reflect the high level of standards kept in your Practice. Learn more about MME’s onsite installation services.

IT Support

Keeping your systems operating properly is important. Your team must be able to rely on your computers in order to get their jobs done. When something goes wrong, we are here to help. Learn more about our comprehensive support services.


Disasters happen. Mistakes happen. Backup is a critical component of any computer network. Learn MME can help with your backups.


Keeping your Practice safe from security threats is one of the most difficult challenges you face. MME is constantly evolving its security services to offer you the best defenses possible. Learn more about how we can help.

Managed Services

Some aspects of your network need constant attention to be sure they are operating as planned. Your backup, your Internet firewall and your antivirus systems to name a few. Learn more about our cost effective approach, Proactive Server Maintenance.

Hosted Services

Many Practices are looking ways to minimize their own internal IT expenses by leveraging the Cloud. MME’s Hosted Services aims to do just that. It takes the role of the expensive Server out of your office and into our Cloud data centers. Learn more about MME’s Hosted Services.