MME is only as good as its team. If you are a dynamic individual who can think for yourself, likes to learn new things, and is willing to accept mentorship and be a mentor for others – you can thrive with us.

MME is Putting the Pieces of the Technology Puzzle Together so our Clients’ Practices can Thrive!

Let me try and convince you to give us a try

The company we have built over the past 20+ years is focused on the IT needs of dental specialists across the United States and Canada. Our dynamically growing company is really only as good as its team. We are still small enough where your individual contribution can make a big difference (and you can experience that sense of reward and accomplishment). We are big enough where you have all the resources around you to succeed.

We have tried to build a company that serves its team and its clients well. Our continuing focus is on developing a workplace for you that is:

  • Stable – We have grown every year (double digit growth most years), even during the recent recession.
  • Competitive – We provide competitive salaries and benefits. We need to look after you and your family if we can expect the best from you.
  • Growth – We have a way for you to grow from one position to the next. It benefits us both if you succeed and grow. Our very first staff member started as a Tier 1 right out of school and is now running a million dollar client portfolio, working his way through all the levels over the years. We map out a growth plan unique for you and your skills and aptitude.
  • Interesting – Working here you can get your ‘inner nerd on’. We are constantly building new networks with the latest technologies for our clients. You will not be stuck in a rut supporting the same 100 computers for seven years like a traditional corporate IT job; you will be working with all sorts of interesting stuff from the newest servers to the latest cloud services.

Our current open positions will be listed below along with more about our company’s mantra. I hope you will look further into applying to our company.

A special note if you are from one of our competitors and looking for a better place to work. We know you have a rare and unique set of skills to work in this specialty industry. We really want to hear from you, even if we do not have a specific job posting for you at this time. Please contact us and share your work history and how your existing experience is a direct fit for MME.

Steve McEvoy – President

Open Positions

We have completed our 2022 hiring. Please visit us again in February 2023 for new opportunities.

Please note that some job boards have mistakenly merged MME Consulting, Inc. with another, similarly named company and their job postings are appearing under our name and/or our address on those job boards. Thank you for checking our website for legitimate MME Consulting, Inc. jobs.

More About MME

Continuously growing since 2000, MME Consulting serves the orthodontic and dental specialist industry. We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients and have grown to four offices and 650+ clients coast to coast.

From Desktop Support to Network Operations to Cloud Infrastructure Design and everything in between, MME takes care of the challenges of integrating technology into a new or existing dental specialist practice. Whether the practice has embraced legacy patient management systems or the latest in 3D digital imaging, MME specializes in connecting these components together and making the practice run without worry. Our deep understanding of the dental professional’s needs has made us an industry leader in dental technology integration.

MME is small enough that we all know each other, yet big enough to provide cutting edge technology to our clients and allow you plenty of opportunity to put your IT skills to good use.

Learn more about MME’s backstory here.

As a member of the MME team, you will be a full time employee with benefits.


  • Competitive wage.
  • Health insurance for you and your family.
  • 401(k) retirement plan with generous company match that is 100% vested.
  • Two weeks Paid-Time-Off plus 8 paid holidays per year. PTO increases with one additional day per year until the seventh year.
  • After seven years with us you will be eligible for a one month sabbatical with pay.
  • Free stuff! Choose from a selection of ‘Tech Benefits’ to share with you and your family: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Spotify, Dropbox, Google Drive, Carbonite, Quicken, Turbo Tax Deluxe, and more.
  • Kitchen stocked with free soft drinks, snacks, and whatever microwavable goodies we can stuff in the freezer.

Why Choose MME?

  • We have been in business for 20+ years and have grown steadily over the years; we have three offices in California, one office in Washington, and 750+ clients across the United States and Canada
  • Our clients like to have the latest and greatest, which means we get to work with cutting edge technology every day (our best techs are those who love to learn)
  • MME is an industry leader in dental technology integration; our client community invites MME to their conferences to present seminars on incorporating technology into successful Practices
  • Our clients are great – we have long term relationships and they are the best source for referring new clients to MME
  • As an IT professional, you will appreciate supporting clients whose operating hours are normal business hours, Monday through Friday (no more 24/7 IT support!)
  • We encourage continuous learning for our team members; making you smarter makes us better
  • We have a great team to work with and learn from
  • Come and join a tech-savvy, fun place to work!

Our COVID-19 Precautions

  • 100% of our staff are fully vaccinated
  • Our clients are medical professionals and follow COVID-19 precautions

Comments from some of our recently hired technicians:

  • “There is a feeling of fairness and of belonging at MME. Every MME employee I’ve met feels like this is a great place to work.”
  • “MME has a good employee ‘on-boarding’ system. You get to know the other employees in one-on-one training sessions, and you are given time to learn MME’s systems.”
  • “You’ll have a team of talented peers who will support you and your projects if needed anytime.”
  • “MME’s management is fair, hands-on, and they have their employee’s backs.”

Comments from more of our techs:

  • “There’s a team focus; you’re not by yourself.”
  • “It’s low stress. I have some autonomy when I work and there’s no one breathing down my neck about deadlines.”
  • “I’m always learning something new and there’s a wide variety of work. It’s not just password resets.”
  • “You’re not stuck behind a desk all the time. There’s opportunity to get out in the field and on site at customers in the area.”
  • “There’s some travel. I like to get out of the office and be paid to travel.”
  • “I love the free stuff.”
  • “It’s a fun, yet professional work environment.”
  • “It’s a family friendly atmosphere.”
  • “Free company shirts, jackets, hats.”
  • “Teamwork makes the dream work!” (seems corny, but that’s what they said)

No phone calls or drop-ins
Please explore our website to learn more about us
Equal Opportunity Employer & Drug Free Environment