IT Support

Peter – Technical Support Manager

We understand that cost is a primary concern of our clients.   We strive to take care of issues efficiently.

While some issues are best dealt with through an onsite visit, most routine support work can be done much faster using remote support technology.   We can join in with you on your computer right when you call.

Putting in a Computer is the easy part.  Taking care of it for the rest of its life is where the challenges await.

MME’s Support Team

MME has a terrific group of IT professionals ready to help.   Led by our Technical Support Manager, our help desk is staffed over 12 hours per day by a large, skilled and experienced group.  When you reach out for help you will be talking with them quickly as our average hold times are less than 1 minute.

Our entire technical team rotates through our support team.  This mix of onsite project work and phone-based remote support keeps them in tune with your needs.

Here When You Need Us

MME has extensive support hours for more than 12 hours each weekday.   Please check out our Support Page for detailed hours.

MME offers Emergency After Hours service.   Computers do not break down on a schedule and sometimes you will need our help with critical issues on evenings and weekends. We have someone on call 24x7x365.

A-La-Carte Support

Most of MME’s support services are provided a-la-carte.   Pay for us when you need us and pay nothing the rest of the time.

We recognize this is different from many other IT firms. Most require multi-year support contracts that you pay for whether you use them or not. We understand the appeal of budgeting for IT support costs evenly, but you will pay more, even when you do not need any support. These contracts have a lot of fine print and are not all-inclusive. You will still pay for parts, onsite visits, non-routine support, upgrades, etc.  

We have taken a more transparent approach.  We only charge when we are working on your project and will explain each and every charge. Besides, we do not have you locked into a support contract and you can kick us to the curb anytime.   We need to keep earning your business, and we know it. Let us get to work for you.

Working Together

MME supports the networks we install even though we work out of our offices on the west coast of the USA. We resolve most issues using secure remote control technology. When a problem arises we typically ‘remote in’ while you are on the phone and work with you resolve it. This accounts for more than 80% of the support calls we receive. 

For issues that require an on-site person (and your office is too far from our local offices) we often we rely on a computer savvy person on your staff to assist us following directions on the phone. We can even work with them to “see” through an app on their smart phone that shows us what they see without a million questions or misunderstandings. In some cases we will have an established relationship with a local computer support company that can dispatch a technician to the office.

For critical items like servers we strongly recommend and usually implement emergency 24x7x365 4-hour support contracts through the computer manufacturer (such as Dell) directly. Their technicians will arrive with any necessary replacement parts and install them. This way they can be the “boots on the ground” to do the heavy lifting for crisis support.