Installation Services

Anyone can buy a computer and plop it on a desk. MME takes pride in its skills to install systems in a clean and professional manner so they reflect the high level of standards kept in your Practice.

Buying technology is just the first step. Physically installing and configuring it so the systems look great and work great is an MME specialty.

Purchasing Needed Equipment

Getting the right parts at the best price. Not all parts the same. Let us pick them out for you, we know what works and what doesn’t. Some parts (like a commodity Monitor or Keyboard) we may suggest you direct purchase from sites like Amazon (with our specific recommendation). Other things like ordering a Computer or Server are more involved. They may all look the same on the outside, but can be drastically different internally. Please allow us to purchase them for you so we can ensure they are being properly

Timing is Everything

We understand you don’t want to shut down your Practice for us to be able to come in and do our work. Getting the parts and our team coordinated for an install is important. We will …….

Onsite Installation

As the construction draws to a close, it is time to start the physical implementation of the new network and associated technology. We typically order the computer equipment three weeks before needed at the site. This allows us enough time to receive and configure it, but also waits to the last second as computers only get faster and cheaper the longer you wait. Once we can have access to the site we will begin installing the equipment. We will only begin installation once the paint is dry, the cabinets, carpets and baseboards are installed, and the site is in a generally clean condition. Normally this is only in the last few days before opening and resembles something like a circus.

During installation we will perform all aspects of the custom installs, utilizing the other trades only when necessary. If we are recycling any existing equipment it will need to be available at this time. We will also coordinate any data transfers or upgrades as needed. When we are done, your entire network and associated equipment will be online and functioning so that you can open your practice.

Normally we are also onsite for the first one or two days of operation of the practice to address the inevitable minor issues that arise immediately. This is essentially insurance that everything will work right on the first day.

Projects with Construction

Once the plans are final and construction begins we are usually called upon to prepare written specifications for the data cabling installation. These specifications are detailed so that they can be used to solicit bids for installation of the data cabling infrastructure. We will help solicit the bids, review and ultimately recommend a vendor for you. MME does not install the cabling. We will inspect the work that is done, and sign off on your behalf once it has been performed according to the specification.

We will also stay in the loop during the construction phase in order to adjust the design for the inevitable changes that occur. To accomplish this, we would like to inspect the site at one or two key time points during the build out. Specifically we would like to do a walk through with the design team at the near completion of the rough in stage (prior to installation of the drywall) and again as the cabinets are being installed. If problems appear and changes are needed, these points in time still allow for correction without tremendous cost impact. To assist in a remote inspection, we can request photos or a video walk-through to make sure the technology is ready for the next phase.