Managed Services

Having a backup and not monitoring it is asking for trouble. Even the best planned systems can fail, and the worst time to find out is when you need them most.

Some things do best with constant care.

While we all wish that everything in life was ‘Set and Forget’, some things need a constant level of care. When it comes to your computer network there are a number of business critical systems it’s best to keep a close eye on to keep them operating.

While MME normally sells its services ‘A-la-Carte’ we’ve developed several managed service items to address key systems in your Practice. By offering them as a Managed Service we are monitoring their operation and making adjustments as part of the fixed fee, avoiding unexpected surprises.

Proactive Server Maintenance

Your Server is the most critical part of your Practice’s network. If its down you’re left without your Practice Management Software, X-rays, documents, finances, etc. Watching for advance tell-tales signs of developing problems, and dealing with the little issues before they become big ones helps minimize interruptions. MME’s Proactive Server Maintenance Agreement (PSMA) does just that. Learn more.

Internet Backup

An offsite backup (a full backup that you keep outside of the office) is essential in the event of a fire, theft, floor or a Ransomware attack. In those events its likely that any backup remaining onsite will be destroyed. You’ll be dependent on recovering your Practice from your off site backup.

Augmenting your local backup strategy with an Internet Backup will allow you to fill in any gaps in your recovery strategy plus give you a much greater number of days of retention.

MME offers a terrific Internet backup solution for its clients. Learn more.

Acronis Backup Software

Most people understand that having a backup is important to any business. If you have data, you can lose it. You need to have a backup solution in place in case a staff member deletes a file, your Server suffers a hardware failure, you have a fire/theft/flood, or worst of all are subjected to a Ransomware attack.

A backup is a combination of events. Selecting the right data to backup, storing it in the right place, encrypting it for safety, and monitoring the backups to be sure they are completing as planned.

MME is using the new Acronis Cloud Portal for managing our clients local backups. The new version and portal offer many valuable new features to improve the backups at your Practice. Learn more.

Smart Internet Firewall

Your Internet Firewall is all that stands between your Office network and the Evils of the Internet. Hackers using an ever evolving list of techniques to attack your Practice, but is your Firewall keeping up? MME’s WatchGuard as a Managed Service aims to keep you equipped with the right Firewall for the challenge. Learn more.

Antivirus Software

A good antivirus solution is still an essential part of your Internet defense. Often setup long ago and forgotten, not paying attention to it is a mistake. MME offers a managed antivirus solution that protects you from the ever expanding list of known threats for a very reasonable price. Learn more.

Secure Remote Connections

Practices often have key team members that occasionally need to be able to work from home. Doctor treatment planning after hours, on call clinical staff looking up patient notes, scheduling team re-booking appointments during a winter storm closure, and the list goes on. Providing your team with Secure remote access is critical. Making sure the door we open is safe, secure and encrypted is the top priority. MME offers several secure ways to get you connected. Learn more.