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Getting started with LogMeIn

MME Consulting Inc. (MME) uses LogMeIn Central to remotely control the vast majority of customer’s servers and workstations to help streamline our support services.  We can also invite individuals to also gain remote access to their computers so they can work outside of the office.  For enhance security and patient data protection, LogMeIn does require 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all LogMeIn accounts so getting started can be challenging for newcomers.

If you are receiving this document, it’s likely that you have been invited to connect to one of these systems.  Once invited, you will receive an email from an MME Consulting, Inc. with a link to create your unique LogMeIn Account.

You’ll be redirected to LogMeIn’s Central Secure Portal where you will create your password.  Note, MME cannot obtain nor find your password you set.  It is unique to you.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication:

An important security improvement will take effect October 1, 2021 that may affect you and access to your computers. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) that was optional will become mandatory.

To setup your 2FA, log into your LogMeIn Portal and access your account settings.

Option #1 – Using an Authenticator App

  • The most secure form of 2FA LogMeIn offers is through a mobile app authenticator (for example: LastPass Authenticator).  It will be faster and easier to use that entering a 6 digit code each time via text message.
  • Once you download the LassPass Authenticator (or similar see below), press the Plus (+) on the bottom right to add an account – then point the phone camera to the QR Code displayed on the screen.

Once that is done, you’ll be then asked to create a Backup method to receive your 2FA code – Text Message or Email.

Once you have setup the 2FA and a backup method, you can activate your account:

Option #2 – Set up text message – simplest and easiest to setup but less secure than using the authenticator app since SMS and email are not inherently secure. You can use your email as your backup method if you opt for SMS messaging.

If using texting, make sure to have the proper country code in your 10-digit phone number.

After your account is activated, you’ll be presented with a list of your PCs you have been granted remote access to. You may have to check your account information near the top right and make sure you are a “User of MME Consulting, Inc.”  In this example, Dr. John Doe’s Finance PC is displayed.  Clicking on the computer name will allow you to log in.

Depending on the type of network you have, you may have to fill out two or three lines of login information.  Some networks that do not have a Domain Controller will have local PC accounts and not have a third line to choose. Most offices will choose their Domain Name for the third line. If you need assistance, please contact MME and we can assist with this step.

If you enter the login information incorrectly too many times, you can be locked out from attempting again for 30 minutes.

Once you login, a LogMeIn client will download and need to be installed. (check your downloads folder).

You may also need to click the “Remote Control” link on the Dashboard:

Once connected, it’ll be like you are directly in front of the PC:

You can press CTRL-ALT-DELETE on the remote computer by pressing the link as shown above.  Simply pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL locally will only affect your local PC.

Once connected and you can see your desktop, you can start working as needed.  If you need to print locally, please inform your MME Project Manager and that special feature can be added – it is not enabled by default.

If you have questions, please contact our support team at (866) 419-1102 (Option #1).

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