Advice Marketing Tips

Have some coffee on us!

If you’ve attended the AAO Annual Session over the last 15 years or we’ve been invited to one of your Study Groups, you may be familiar with “The Brain” we hand out as promotional swag.  We’ve been told that our catch phrase “Need an extra brain?” has been imprinted on more than a few doctor’s foreheads over the years – mostly as comic stress relief. 

We’ve also handed out some technology-related items like branded microfiber cloths for cleaning LCD screens, slick mouse pads or 8 GB USB keys but this year in San Diego, we wanted to change it up a bit with a thoughtful way to say thank you to our customers.

After a little research, I stumbled across Co-branded Promotional Starbucks Cards and I could not believe how easy the process was.  We did a small test run of fifteen $10 cards to see how they turned out.