CryptoLocker Alert

There is a new Virus threat spreading quickly across the Internet currently that is particularly wicked. It’s called CryptoLocker. I am writing this because I think there is some chance you could be at risk, either with your home PC or work computers. We had five people call us infected on the first day the virus was out. Please take a minute and read through this to the end where I suggest what you can do to help prevent getting infected.

The virus’s design has made it so that even current Antivirus products running in your firewall and antivirus software on your PCs aren’t detecting it until it’s too late, if at all. The antivirus companies are trying to respond, but the virus ‘morphs’ each time it replicates, so its slippery for them to detect and block or quarantine.

What does it do?

In short, the virus is a form of Ransomware. Once it gets into your PC, it ‘encrypts’ all your personal files and data, and then holds your data hostage for ransom. In this case they want $300 to provide you with the unlock code to decrypt your files and remove their application.

Advice Tips

Ransomware Hack Attack – How to Protect Yourself

Someone just hacked into your Server and is holding your Practice’s data for ransom.  This is no joke.  Want to learn how to prevent it?

Example of the Scary results of a Ransomware Attack