Project Manager – Tukwila Office

Job Opening for MME’s Seattle Area Office

We are looking for a talented individual to lead our growing Seattle area office. We rarely go looking for Project Managers; they are hard to find and need to wear many hats.

About the Job

I am going to spell this position out in plain terms, what I am looking for in manager terms, less HR speak.

We need a strong leader to continue development of our fast growing Seattle area office. We have a team of talented staff in the office looking after clients in the region, but we need one person to take on the challenge of raising the office to the next level. The office is well established already, so you are not starting from scratch, but there is room to grow in every direction.

We do not just sell stuff for the sake of it. We genuinely just want to help our clients succeed, offering our services to help them get there. You compensation is linked to our client’s happiness.

You cannot just be a nerd. You cannot just be a sales pro. You cannot be a lone wolf. You need to be a motivator, a leader, a problem solver, an advisor. You need to want to help our clients solve their problems. This job has serious responsibilities, and the rewards to go with it.

There are many aspects to doing this job well, including:

  • Maintain our existing Seattle area client portfolio, building and developing these existing relationships.
  • Become the ‘trusted partner’ to our clients, providing them with advice on how to build and maintain their IT systems. You will provide them with advice, alternatives, costs, and in general your expertise.
  • Expand our Seattle area portfolio by developing new clients. You will need to know how to find and develop leads.
  • Become one of our team along with nearly ten other experienced Project Managers. They will be your mentors and back you up when needed. You will not be alone.
  • Directly manage our existing team of technicians in the Seattle office. You will have administrative and HR responsibility for them.
  • When the Seattle team needs to expand you will participate in our recruiting effort and ultimately select the individuals.
  • Have invoicing responsibilities, participating in our monthly invoice reviews and making sure our client billing is accurate.
  • Mentor others, directly and indirectly.
  • Participate in MME’s training events like ‘Tech Days’, both as a student and an instructor (sharing your experience).
  • As a project manager you will participate in our ‘standards’ meetings, helping to set the standards of services we offer to our clients.

We cannot expect someone to appear with all the skills (we can hope), but we do expect most of them.

The Ideal Candidate

We are looking from someone who is drop in ready. This is a rare beast. If you are a technician looking to be built up into a manager, that is terrific, but please apply for one of our technical positions to start with. This job is for someone who is already doing project management in the Dental Specialty IT industry. Ideally we are looking for an individual with:

  • The ability to stand in front of a client, hear their concerns, develop solutions and convey them quickly and efficiently to the client in a manner they will understand.
  • You need to be able to sell a project to a client. This is not a skill many have (but we hope you do). It requires experience developing IT solutions for clients, including budgeting, submitting proposals, and closing the deal.
  • You need to be reasonably techie. We need you to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. You do not need to be a back room Tier 4 server jock, but you cannot just be a sales person and not know what you are talking about and how to take care of technical issues first hand.
  • Managing your team well is important. You must have experience directly overseeing staff including their admin and HR requirements.
  • You must be a project finisher. We are not looking for someone who does the easy/interesting 80% of the work, and leaves the 20% of the boring or hard details. We and our clients expect 100% of the project to get done. You do not have to do it all yourself (we are a team), but you have to own it and thus make sure it is complete and done right.
  • You must make the right impression with our clients and your staff. A professional appearance is a must.
  • You have to be able to get your message across clearly. Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal, are a must.
  • You must be a self-starter and self-motivated and able to work under minimal supervision. At this level we are not going to be holding your hand. You must be able to know what needs to get done and carry on.
  • 2+ years performing IT project management in the dental industry, in addition to a progressively more responsible career in IT.
  • Related associate degree OR an equivalent combination of additional experience and/or certification.

Compensation will be commensurate with your skills. We firmly believe that with responsibility comes reward. If you can demonstrate your ability to do this job well, you will be well rewarded. Of course we offer a full compliment of benefits, and you can learn a bit more here.

So – is this you? I hope so and we look forward to hearing from you.

How to Apply

For immediate consideration please respond to and attach a current resume in PDF or Word format. We look forward to hearing from you!

In the body of your email please share a short success story managing a dental IT project you were in charge of.

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