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An inexpensive gadget to stay on track in your Practice.

Nine minutes – This is the time that passes before a discreet silent alarm goes off on Dr. Kathleen Tavarez‘ wrist during a patient consultation. It reminds her that her allocated time of ten minutes is nearly up. She politely sums up her thoughts with her patient and exits the consultation keeping her right on track for her next patient.


Rewind about a month. While onsite to help on some technical issues, Dr. Tavarez saw my smartwatch – a basic Pebble Watch. I gave her the quick 2 minute tour and demonstrated some of the cool things it could do. Read texts and emails, monitor who’s calling and even create simple alarm timers. She tried it on and although it’s a little plain on the style side and a little bulky, she’s decided to give it a try.

After a couple of weeks:


“Love my pebble watch! Thanks for the recommendation.

Biggest plus is keeping me on time during consults with the vibrating timer! My team is much happier.

Also, I can discreetly screen or monitor for important emails, texts or phone calls throughout the work day.

It’s cheap too!


With a retail price of $99 and functionality for Apple and Android phones, it was a no brainer. Dr. Tavarez uses an Android Phone so the Apple Watch was not even in the running.

For those with an Apple Watch, the same can be done to keep you and your staff on time, discretely keeping you right on schedule.

Raymond Mah
MME Consulting, Inc.

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