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Thinking About Cloud Computing? What questions should you be asking and why. – Part 12

Cloud Computing - What about Patient Education applicationsWhat about Patient Education applications?

Many Practices now utilize Patient Education Application applications such as Dolphin Aquarium or IACT Case Presenter.   In some cases these are integrated with the traditional in-house Practice Management Application (PM App) or Imaging App.   The integration streamlines the workflow process.

DolphinAquariumSampleMovieDoes the vendors PM App offer a Cloud based Patient Education App?  If so, does it include the movies of treatment protocols that you need?  If they do, are they any good?   It has been my experience that Doctors don’t always agree with the contents of each movie, so it’s worth checking these out before you commit.

Does their solution allow you to keep your existing solution and integrate with it?   In this situation you might keep your existing application installed locally and somehow launch it from the PM App.   Will this require you to keep a local server or more expensive workstations (negating some of the cost benefits of moving to the Cloud)?

There is not much to this topic other than just giving you a heads up to check into it and evaluate your options during the decision making process.

In this multi-part series I am trying to help educate you to the issues surrounding the issues of Cloud based solutions offered by Dental Practice Management software companies. By arming you with the questions to ask and the context behind them you should be empowered to better evaluate the products and how they would benefit your Practice. You can find a link to all the Parts of the Series back on the Index in Part 1.

Up Next in Part 13 of the Series I will be looking into “Is your Data Safe in the Cloud?”

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