XP is Dead!

Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014.

Why should you care?

If you don’t have a PC with either of these products in your office, then stop reading and go do something more fun.  If you DO have a PC with Windows XP in your office you may end up having new risks you didn’t plan on and you should read this article through.

Advice Tips

A Simple but Costly Mistake

Is Your UPS Connected Right?

If you have a ‘Server’ in your Practice (a computer that holds all your precious data), it’s probably protected by a device called an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).  The UPS’s job is to keep the Server running for a short period of time in the event of a power failure.  They are essentially a small battery pack.  Servers shouldn’t just be switched off in a power failure else you run the risk of corrupting data that was in use at the time (like your Management software that runs your Practice).  You could even corrupt the entire Server operating system leaving it unusable.  A properly installed and configured UPS is your protection against this corruption.   I say “properly installed and configured” because in many offices this is not the case.  Here are the issues that you should check on for your Practice.


MME: Doing IT Right

Why would I use MME instead of a generic IT person?

I’ve heard this question often enough lately that I thought it would be worth a short article.  I know that I have a substantial bias towards the topic, but I will try and keep this at bay.

IT is a relationship business.  We don’t make widgets. As IT people we sell our skills to you with the goal of looking after your Practice’s needs. While there is no doubt that there are many talented IT people out there, finding the right one for your specific needs is the challenge.   There are also a number of less talented individuals that we’d all like to avoid.