How to tell what movies arrived in the latest Dolphin Aquarium update

One of the features Dolphin Aquarium users love is the constant stream of new content being developed.  Aquarium updates arrive automatically over the Internet using the Dolphin Update Service (DUS).

I was recently asked by a long time Dolphin user “How do I know what new movies just arrived?”  I didn’t know the answer.   I knew the movies automatically join the list, but there are over 300 at the moment and how would you notice what’s new?

A little research has unveiled the simple solution.  After a DUS update, or even if you are just curious what new arrived in the last update whenever it was, do the following:

  • Open Aquarium on your computer
  • Click on the Aquarium button in the upper left corner to reveal the menu
  • Select Help
  • Select  Aquarium Content List

On the screen that opens you will see several options on the left:

  • Recently Added – TaDa!  This is the list we wanted to learn about what came in the latest release.
  • Coming Soon – a list of items under development that we can sit and eagerly await in a future release

So, with just a couple of simple clicks you can keep tabs on the new arrivals in Aquarium.

My thanks to Todd Blankenbecler of Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions for his help with this.


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By Steve McEvoy

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2 replies on “How to tell what movies arrived in the latest Dolphin Aquarium update”

Steve,An even quicker way to see the newest movies in AQ is to simply click the “Recently Added” group right there on the left edge of the main Dolphin window itself. No need to go to the website (unless you also wanted to see the “coming soon” list).Thanks,- Ken

Ken is totally correct. Geez, even easier than I made it out to be. You can even see “Recently Added” peeking out in the first screen shot above. BTW – Ken is the head of Imaging Software development at Dolphin Imaging – Thanks Ken!

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